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Project summary

Robot for precise stake-out

This project addresses desire of extending the robot platform to enable wireless communication with a total station to thus allowing high-precision positioning e.g. in weather conditions where there is no clear view to the sky, or for example to allow indoor positioning.

A part of this project is further to improve the precision when positioning the robot, as well as provide suggestions for a revised pointer design or marking tool, allowing the robot to maintain the obtained precision when pinpointing coordinates on the ground. 


TinyMobileRobots produce small survey robots for outdoor marking, measurements and stakeout. Their robots presently rely on RTK GNSS for high-precision position, thus relying on a clear view to the sky. 

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute (Lead RTO)

  • Initial project planning, management and coordination
  • Account for and asses possible approaches for wireless link between robot and total station
  • Control system for coarse positioning of robot
  • Conceptual design of pointer and marking tool


Tecnalia (Supporting RTO)

  • Develop complementary device and control system for precise positioning of robot marking tool
  • Contribute to conceptual design of pointer and marking tool, and integration of position control system

Impact (expected)

This project will increase the versatility of the robots produced by TinyMobileRobots in that it enables them to maintain high-precision positioning and marking in situations where their present navigation equipment is insufficient.

In particular, this project will allow high-precision indoor positioning, which is not presently similarly possible.