European digital innovation hub strengthens robotics development

The European project “ROBOTT-NET” helps the best ideas in industrial robotics become a reality. 400 hours of free consulting with robotics experts from all over Europe will help companies, both small and large, find out how robot automation can contribute to them and which automation solution is the right one for each company.

Digital innovation hubs are important to create innovative solutions and employment. ROBOTT-NET is an example of a digital innovation hub, where four leading Research Technology Organizations in Europe aim to strengthen robotics development and the competitiveness of European manufacturing.

ROBOTT-NET includes Danish Technological Institute (DTI, DK), Fraunhofer IPA (DE), Tecnalia (ES) and The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC, UK).

The mission with ROBOTT-NET is to collect and share the latest knowledge about robot technology that can improve production, bring new ideas to market and ensure economic competitiveness.

- The initiative will combine European competencies in state-of-the art applied robotics and enable companies to benefit from Danish, German, Spanish and British expertise, says project coordinator Kurt Nielsen of DTI's Centre for Robot Technology.

By offering highly qualified consulting services, ROBOTT-NET contributes to an easy access to specialist expertise and helps companies of all sizes bring their ideas to the market and optimize the production.

During the project ROBOTT-NET will arrange Open Labs in Denmark, Germany, England and Spain, where companies can learn about robotics opportunities.

Any European company which wishes to use or produce robots were invited to apply for a voucher, which is the backbone of the program. Big manufacturers, garage start-ups and everything in between were eligible as long as the idea was concrete enough.

64 projects have been selected and given a voucher. The voucher entitles the companies to approximately 400 hours of free consulting with robotics experts from all over Europe at the four partner locations.

By the end of the voucher program applicants will have developed a plan detailing the technical innovation needed and the business case for product maturation or robot automation.

Check out the voucher page on and get inspired by the work that already has been done between European Companies and Research Technology Organizations.