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Project summary

Feedback-controlled precision non-linear acoustic NDT


Non-linear acoustic NDT offers a USP in the detection of delamination and micro-cracks in safety-critical and other structures. In some cases, however, the coupling conditions for the NDT sensors can be sensitive to physical changes.

Theta Technologies has patents pending for providing closed-loop feedback to control these sensitivities.

This project will combine the novel coupling control information with the precision deployment of a robot to eliminate any issues due to coupling.

The project will provide additional benefits in the forms of:

(a) remote NDT solutions for hazardous environments

(b) ultra high-resolution scanning.

Theta Technologies

Our game-changing Non-linear Acoustic NDT methods enable our clients to achieve:




All leading to less risk to your costs, innovation and reputation.


At Theta we engage with our clients at three different levels. Most clients will work through each level with us, moving from an initial pilot project to assess whether our technology will solve the problem, on to a development project involving a working prototype, through to a fully integrated and operational turnkey system. 

Contribution from RTOs


  • Real Time Data Simulation Software Development
  • RSI Robotic Interface Software development
  • Integrate RSI Robotic interface with simulation software
  • Test control software on simple and advanced path cases



  • Market analysis

Impact (expected)

Theta’s NDT device can detect flaws in materials that no other NDT technology can reveal. Deploying Theta’s sensor technology on a robot offers a step change in automation and control of coupling sensitivity.

The real time robotic proof-of-concept tests will enable Theta to make a risk-free decision on purchasing a robot, while at the same time developing a robust automated NDT process.

The work from this voucher will enable Theta to deploy their NDT device on a robot. This will give them a market advantage as they will be able to scan more complex geometry and develop a mobile solution which they can deploy to scan large components in situ.

Theta Technologies