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    TeleRetail GmbH

Project summary

TeleRetail Autonomous Rover

TeleRetail develops technologies to automate local logistics and to minimize the ecological footprint of transportation. One of the developments includes an autonomous personal mini ground transporter which will carry out daily errands like shopping, dry cleaning, repairs, alternations, recycling, and garbage removals.

This project aims at integrating one of the key technologies for such a system, which is the autonomous navigation. This includes integrating the respective sensors, deploying existing navigation technologies and algorithms to the rover and evaluate their performance in a real-world setting.


TeleRetail Mobility Automation develops technologies to automate local logistics and to minimize the ecological footprint of transportation. Its activities include the development of an automated on demand urban courier service and intra-logistics services for industrial clients. The services reduce space, cost and energy requirements of local logistics by around 90% - thereby significantly improving the quality of life around the world. 

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Integration of Autonomous Navigation Software into the TeleRetail Rover
  • Evaluation of camera-based navigation sensors for public outdoor spaces



  • Integration of radar-based sensor into ROS
  • Evaluation of radar-based sensor for navigation purposes

Impact (expected)

The voucher work is expected to enable TeleRetail to use and to apply a navigation solution with integrated D-GNSS, RADAR, LIDAR, and optical object avoidance methods. Thereby enabling the company to complete and deploy its autonomous mini transporter prototypes.

This subsequently allows the company to integrate the self-driving mini transporters into its already operational local logistics software platform.

The voucher work will create the foundation for the integration of the resulting navigation solutions in all of the company’s future mini transporters.

Thereby opening a global market to sell millions of transporters.