• Presenting

    Statec Bühnentechnik GmbH

Project summary

3D Flying System

Examples of these 3D Flying Systems already exist - used for showcasing actors and moving cameras around stadiums.

This specific project will expand on the existing systems by using the latest industrial control technology. Algorithms by the research partners will expand the existing technology and control. These will be shown in a demonstrator model.


STATEC Bühnentechnik GmbH designs and delivers equipment for theaters, opera houses, stage shows and other venues. STATEC Bühnentechnik GmbH has great expertise and many years of experience in the field of stage technology making them ideal providers of customized solutions.

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

Developing a new control architecture

Laying out the control architecture

Incorporation of the companies own kinematics into the control architecture



Tecnalia also has long experience with cable robotics, and will review key architecture/design decisions. Further, safety critical features will also be reviewed.

Impact (expected)

The functional demonstrator gives Statec a new design which can be applied in many products. This gives Statec a competitive edge as the experience gained in the specific projects can be applied to further developments.

Using state-of-the-art kinematic/control algorithms and architecture designs enables to use this technology in many use cases.