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    Squad Robotics

Project summary

Automating manually operated equipment

Squad Robotics are trying to solve the problem of different robots unable to communicate with each other. With the multi-agent system using camera, sensors and software which makes existing machinery autonomous. This  gives the ability to collect, analyze data and also allows several machines to communicate with each other. Squad Robotics wants an objective assessment of their core capabilities as well as help on developing their first commercial solution. 

Squad Robotics

Squad Robotics was founded in 2014. The Latvian Company's mission and vision is to solve different problems in the robotics industry by applying science-based teams intellectual capabilities. 

Among many services Squad Robotics offers mobile and multi robot system design and development, image data processing and analysis and IoT based data analysis and solution development. 

As a short term goal Squad Robotics wants to commercialize the multi-agent system to different industry equipment. The company's long-term goal is to become a leader in robotic and industrial equipment problem solver in the industry. 





Contribution from RTOs


  • Breaking down Squad Robotics' core competencies
  • Data analysis study


Fraunhofer IPA

  • Patent potential analysis

Impact (expected)

A clear understanding of the Squad Robotics technology. Technical know-how and determination of the technical areas that have the highest potential to be commercialised.

Guidelines on the types of analytics required by the industry applications and suitable analytic tools.

Maturing the low TRL (Technology Readiness Level) work to develop the first commercial prototype. 

A low total cost of ownership  (TCO)cloud based IoT architecture for developing such system.

Squad Robotics