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Project summary

RB-LOG – Robotic Logistics

Robotic Indoor Unattended Transport solution flexible and affordable. The robot fleet is able to autonomously transport trolleys using a base rover small enough to operate in existing buildings. The system proposes a flexible novel way to manage the fleet and operate with the building devices that reduces the engineering and installation costs.

During the voucher work it is expected to obtain assessment and improve the business case and technological assessment.


Robotnik has a multidisciplinary engineering team, which is qualified in several fields (computers, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, mechanics, etc).

Our business career has won the “FEVES 2015” award from the Federation of Valencian Social Economy Enterprises, which recognizes the entrepreneurial success and our contribution to the productive economy of Valencia.

We have also obtained the EIBT (Innovative and High-Tech Enterprise) qualification, by the ANCES National Network, which recognizes Robotnik as a high tech company, with an innovative environment and high professional and technological formation.

Moreover, our company won the “Jóvenes Emprendedores 2002 (Enterprising Youth Award)”, given by “Fundación Bancaja”, which recognizes the resourceful spirit of the company and the investment made in the development of products and services.

Contribution from RTOs

Technology support

  • Technology assessment
  • Develop use case


Business mentoring

  • Competitive position analysis
  • Business plan development

Impact (expected)

  • Ensure wide use of shared resources.
  • Addressing pressing technological challenges.
  • Deploy robotics technologies in new application domains.
  • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge.
  • Removing the barriers to market.