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    Robot At Work

Project summary

Robots working onsite

Robot At Work is a small company focusing on robot automation for the building industry. The goal is to utilize the increased use of digital data in building projects to be able to automate production directly on the building site.

The project covers the dataflow from the architects CAD data to real robot programs executing a value adding process on the building site. User friendly software to control the work done by the robot is crucial for succeeding in implementing robot solutions for the building industry.

Robot At Work

Robot At Work has created a new facade system for both renovation and new buildings, which saves logistics and makes scaffolding redundant. 

We move the robots to the construction site, where they collaborate with the craftsmen to solve the complex construction projects of the future. We make it possible to perform unique 3D designs on facades and surfaces – which opens up a new world of architecture made by robots.

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute:

  • Development of postprocessors for CAM and OLP systems to generate robot code.
  • Evaluate CAM solutions toolpath generation.
  • Generate robot programs for MES system testing. 



  • Risk assessment report covering onsite use of robot systems.
  • Development of tablet based user interface to control and send programs to the robot.

Impact (expected)

The project helps Robot At Work to choose which software solutions arsuitable for processing the dataflow from the architects ideas to executing the processes on a building site. It will demonstrate solutions on different processes like milling and spraying.

The first ideas of a user friendly executing control software running on tablets and smartphones, will be implemented and tested in real environment.

Robot At Work