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    MRN A/S

Project summary

Collaborative RoboStacker

Today, our customers meet more and more challenging requirements, which force them to deliver flexible and collaborative end-of-line robot palletizing solutions. The current trend towards high-mix and low volume production in general, affect the degree of flexibility required in order to pack and palletize the products. Cost efficient collaborative end-of-the-line palletizing robots are not yet available at the market. The strategy for MRN A/S in the common years is to deliver this to our customers.

During this voucher a strategy and a roadmap for making our robot more safe will be developed. 


MRN A/S wants to help companies meet their needs for handling, packing and palletizing; using fully automated packing of products eg. bags (plastic, paper, nets, etc.), trays, crates, pallets, etc, which are very demanding both physically and in terms of resources. Their mission is to offer effective "end-of-line“ solutions (handling, packing and palletizing solutions).

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Concept and implementation of a machine vision strategy to adjust robot grasp of boxes



  • Assessment of the current safety concept
  • Optimize and validate further safety concept together with MRN
  • Development of a cost-calculation tool for the roboStacker   

Impact (expected)

The voucher work is expected to enable MRN to take the roboStacker into next phase of the CE acceptance test. It is a clear goal of this voucher that all major risk issues are identified such that MRN are able to address these after the voucher. Furthermore, it is expected that MRN will get a more precise cost calculation of their roboStacker based on the cost-calculation tool developed during this voucher.