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Project summary

True human-robot collaboration at Linak

LINAK have both High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) production and the other way around (HVLM). Today our HVLM is our new production and is automated to high levels with industrial robots. The older part of our production is still very manual lines with HMLV. Also the product here is not designed for automation.

With the voucher we have found methods to help us implement collaborative robots in real collaboration with humans.


LINAK produces electric linear actuator solutions to create smooth movement in a variety of very different applications. From healthcare to agriculture, comfort furniture, office interior, or industrial automation – the number of possibilities is almost endless.

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute

  • Work with Danish Technological Institute has mainly given knowledge to collaborative robots
  • Programming help to mock up
  • Input to LINAK guideline for programming
  • Input to LINAK guideline for safety


  • Knowledge sharing
  • Robot selection tool
  • Gripper selection tool
  • Simulation for balancing and layout

Impact (expected)

To create:

  • Test of assembly processes
  • Mockup
  • Test Airskin
  • Vacuum gripper test