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Project summary

Navigation Platform for Cleaning Robots

In this voucher we evaluate state-of-the-art software solutions for perception and navigation of autonomous cleaning robots in dynamic environments. The focus lies on low cost hardware and the ROS operating system as software. We aim to proof, that ROS-based high-level navigation can be realized on cleaning robots. This will enable Kärcher to build more intelligent and flexible cleaning solutions for a much lower price.


Kärcher, a family-owned enterprise, is the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology. With pressure washers, vacuums and steam cleaners, home and garden pumps, sweepers and floor scrubbers, vehicle washes, cleaning agents, dry ice blasters, drinking and waste water treatment plants, and water dispensers, it offers a range of innovative problem solutions. These include coordinated products, cleaning agents and accessories, along with advice and service.

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Market research on single board computers, low cost sensors and ROS navigation components
  • ROS integration on low cost hardware
  • Software for mapping, localization, path planning and path control


  • Market research on single board computers and low cost sensors
  • ROS integration on low cost hardware
  • Software for 3D environment perception

Impact (expected)

The results of the voucher work are expected to enable Kärcher to develop concepts for efficient products starting from a smart prototype navigation platform that is specialized on complex and dynamic environments. Kärcher will be able to build and develop state-of-the-art mobile platforms for a much lower price. Cleaning robots using this technology will potentially be cheaper, more intelligent and easy to use.