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    Fagor Arrasate S.Coop.

Project summary

ROBSTACK: High frequency stacking robot

Fagor Arrasate is specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying sheet metal forming machines tools for the manufacture of parts for the car industry, household electrical appliances, steel industry...

Fagor Arrasate now has some problems in collecting certain types of parts off the press line and stacking. So the objective of the project will consist in avoiding collisions between parts and baskets in the automatization of the transfer process of the parts from the line to the baskets. Currently, due to the baskets are deformed and damaged in the logistic distribution of parts, there are many collisions that damage the parts and interrupt the process. 

Fagor Arrasate

FAGOR ARRASATE is a world specialists in design, manufacture and supply of forming machine tools, from presses and complete stamping systems to lines for manufacturing, processing and cutting sheet metal or special complete lines for manufacturing complex sheet metal parts. With six plants worldwide, the company has a global market presence and sells its products to seventy different countries. Founded in 1957, it is now the industry leader number of lines installed, prestige of its references, technology, quality, research and development. Practically, all the world’s top automotive makers, stampers, manufacturers and processors of coils and blanks in steel or aluminium, home appliances, metallic furniture, forged parts or electric rolled steel have FAGOR installations. We offer a wide range of solutions for stamping and forming as well as cutting, processing and manufacturing sheet metal. Fagor Arrasate is the Company – worldwide- with the broadest in-house portfolio of products aimed at manufacturing sheet metal. This guarantees a perfect solution, better integrated and coordinated, more efficient and highly competitive.

Contribution from RTOs

Technology support

  • Technology assessment
  • Develop use case
  • Pilot design


Business mentoring

  • Business plan development

Impact (expected)

  • Ensure wide use of shared resources.
  • Addressing pressing technological challenges.
  • Enhancing innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge.
  • Removing the barriers to market.

Fagor Arrasate