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Project summary

Adaptive Welding

The voucher work “Adaptive Welding” shall prepare basis for further development of automized recognition of workpiece in a complex welding set-up. By use of 3D cad models and 3D stereo cameras, adaptive welding is the target for the future welding process. In addition to the technical installations, limitations for deviations on welding set-up between as is  / to be, collision avoidance and weldpath planning shall be defined and investigated thoroughly. These information shall be transferred into the further development of controller software, sensors and data exchange. The work shall support further development of Frauenhofer IPA “Adaptive Welding” knowledge, and by the end user there will be featured the various needs for automatically or supported programming of robot welding.

Epoke A/S

Epoke A/S develops a wide range of machines for efficient winter road maintenance worldwide.

In spite of the global success Epoke is never resting on its laurels. The entire organization is in fact filled with a strong passion for development and optimization. Every single day dedicated employees contribute to creating more intelligent solutions and better products, which will benefit the customers around the world.

Contribution from RTOs

Technological Institute

  • Analyzis of weldwork,weldpaths and their criticality
  • Specification of the requirements for
    adaptive welding
  • Documentations of physical deviations to be meet


IPA Frauenhofer

  • Evaluation assembly detection and deviations on welding workpiece re. CAD model
  • Out-line for the further development of adaptive welding

Impact (expected)

Adaptive welding process would make it possible for welding industries to reduce the time consumption, lead time and cost for discrete manufacturing “one of a kind”. The impact will be of a high importance for competitive utilization of robot-welding cells, where also the ultimate flexibility would be achieved.

There is a high potential and excessive market for the solution adaptive welding. The result of the Voucher work will support the further development of adaptive welding by stating the basic requirements that the programming software should aim for.

Epoke A/S