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    Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.

Project summary

Agile robotic cell for robust wire manipulation in high-complexity environment (WIREMAN)

The overall aim to “Wireman” voucher project is to investigate automation techniques that can be applied to the wire bending connection task in ELAPHE’s Wireman process to help reduce cycle time. The “Wireman” process insulates, positions and terminates single core copper wires in an electric motor currently carried out manually by an operator.

The operator uses several tools and a jig, to help carry out this process, however investigating automation techniques will reduce manual processing improving product reliability, repeatability and overall reduce production costs. 

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.

The Elaphe team develops and produces the widest range of in-wheel motors for passenger cars, public transportation, recreational and special purpose vehicles.
Elaphe motors boast highest torque to weight ratio on the market, resulting in playful character of the vehicle and very cost efficient production. 

Combining output of more than 750 Nm for every 10kg of active material and torque vectoring on each wheel, Elaphe motors set new standards in performance and substantially increase safety and traction and provide unlimited opportunities for different characters of stability control system.



Contribution from RTOs


  • Process review
  • Down-selected opportunity from process review investigated further
  • Design concepts
  • Initial hand sketches
  • CAD models



  • Simulation
  • Kinematics analysis

Impact (expected)

Elaphe hopes to gain an understanding of applicable techniques that may be used to automate the wire bending tasks and to generate concepts for suitable tooling, jigs and end effectors for the task.

Mechanical / robotic automation will enable:

  • Reduced operator hands-on time
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Decreased process errors
  • Increased reliability and repeatability of products 

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.