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Project summary

Intuitive GUI for the EasyRobotics Profeeder

EasyRobotics produces Profeeders, e.g. for users of CNC machines, and needs a technological solution for the GUI function in their product. With the combined competences of RTO Danish Technology Institute and RTO MTC, the goal of this voucher is to make a prototype of a cost-effective and intuitive GUI for the Profeeder. This technology will have a significant potential for implementation in the machine industry and improving the competitiveness of production tasks. This way, it is possible for the Profeeder customer to prevent outsourcing of work.


Per Lachenmeier and Palle Hannemann are the people behind EasyRobotics. Together they have more than 40 years of experience in designing, developing and producing advanced machines for industrial applications.

In 2012, Palle Hannemann came up with the idea for ProFeeder, a mobile and compact automated robot cell that can be mounted on a robot, enabling parts to be fed in and out of fully automatic CNC lathes and milling machines. The robot cell has a parts tray placed in a feeder. The tray contains the parts to be processed. When the processing is complete, the parts are removed from the robot cell and replaced with a new feeder with trays full of unprocessed parts. ProFeeder is delivered with two mobile drawers, allowing the change to happen fast and efficiently.

In order to put extra emphasis on the development of ProFeeder the new spin-off company EasyRobotics was formed. Syddansk Innovation, SDTI and the two owners are shareholders in EasyRobotics.

SDTI has been involved in the development of ProFeeder and has provided support on the strategy for the use of the robot and for programming of the routine in which parts are fed in and out of the CNC machines.

Contribution from RTOs

Danish Technological Institute:

  • Specifications of the requirements
  • Conceptual design of the GUI
  • Conceptual architecture of the program
  • Coding of some program and GUI parts
  • Testing the GUI functions on a Profeeder


  • Review of the GUI design
  • Review of the program architecture
  • Coding the critical parts of GUI interface with the UR robot
  • Testing their interface on their UR-robot

Impact (expected)

A demonstration of working intuitive GUI on video and by physical demonstration done by EasyRobotics. The customers will see that the Profeeder can be operated by untrained staff and are rapidly to change.

With the GUI running on the robot's own controller, it will not only reduce the price but also reduce the complexity for maintenance employees which in turn will reduce the requirements for training staff.