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    CEDIS Components GmbH

Project summary

Fast and intuitive programming in robotic welding of small lot sizes

CEDIS Components is an innovative company in the field of prototypes and small to mid-sized series for the automotive industry. Since 2015, robotic welding cells are a strategic part of investment and growth. However, offline-programming of theses robots is a time-consuming expert task and manual program adaptation in the real robot cell is necessary. This project aims at a significant reduction of programming efforts by using and adapting an innovative robot programming solution of Fraunhofer IPA. Experimental evaluation is performed on a real test workpiece of CEDIS Components. Additionally, a detailed business case evaluation indicates the benefits compared to the actual production. 

CEDIS Components

CEDIS Prototyping was founded in 1997 as an independent subsidiary of the engineering service provider CEDIS Mechanical Engineering in the historical halls of the well-known company Bischoff in Plüderhausen.
With the founding, competent employees of the Bischoff company, which was known for producing exhaust systems and heat exchangers for customers such as Porsche and Mercedes, were taken over.
CEDIS Prototyping has developed into an innovative company in the area of prototyping and small series production for the automotive industry. CEDIS Prototyping is one of the leading developers and manufacturers in these segments thanks to its well-founded know-how in the production of seat structures and exhaust gas management.

Contribution from RTOs

Fraunhofer IPA

  • Validation of innovative robot programming software for robotic welding of products of CEDIS
  • Showcasing of robot programming in simulation and in real robotic welding system with a test workpieces



  • Analysis of production requirements
  • Business case evaluation

Impact (expected)

The robot programming solution of this project will reduce programming efforts for the actual welding robots of CEDIS. It enables the cost-effective robotic welding even for in small batch size production. The software will be validated for a typical welding workpiece of CEDIS using a standard industrial welding robot. The results can be transferred to other products and branches where existing robotic welding systems should be used for small lot size production.

CEDIS Components