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    Beamagine S.L.

Project summary

BEAM3D - Cost-effective 3D imaging LIDAR camera for real-time and high-resolution outdoor robotic applications

Although self-guided robotic vehicles have proven their feasibility and performance, increasingly complex tasks require capable sensing systems. TOF (Time-of-Flight) LIDAR imagers measure 3D point clouds using light efficiently, but due to the strong effect of solar background on the detector they are currently restricted to indoor applications.

Beamagine proposes a new 3D imaging LIDAR sensor to provide novel capabilities in outdoor environments in presence of strong solar light or obscuring effects, being able to measure longer distances than existing equipment. These capabilities are possible by means of a proprietary scanning system that has been patented by Beamagine S.L.

Beamagine S.L.

At Beamagine we are devoted to develop lidar, Time-of-flight, electro-optical and single photon imaging systems, from our experience in combining optomechanics, electronics and software developed along twenty years of optical engineering practice.

Contribution from RTOs

MTC & Tecnalia

  • Identification of applications and opportunities for the BEAM3D LiDAR system in automation and other industries
  • Exploration of application specifications and end-user requirements
  • Analysis and down-selection of opportunities, evaluation of end-user requirements and technical feasibility.
  • Development of business cases for selected applications

Impact (expected)

  • Allow development of the BEAM3D system to better suit the needs of industry and/or tailored development to specific applications
  • Business cases created to support the manufacture and use of the BEAM3D system in industry

Beamagine S.L.